YOGA RETREAT Bali 01 – 08 November 2020

This Retreat is hosted on an ocean fronted yoga shala in the secluded, yet stylish seaside hotel of Manggis, East Bali. Set amidst a coconut grove, the hotel nestles between the sea and the majestic Mount Agung, Bali’s most sacred…

YOGA RETREAT Greece Silver Island 03 – 09 May & 20 -26 September 2020

  & Silver Island Yoga Retreat in Greece 03- 09 May 2020 & 20 -26 September 2020 Silver Island is a privately owned, untouched dream island offering you the most unique eco yoga experience. Situated a few miles from the…

YOUTUBE pregnancy yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy | 60-minute Gentle Flow | All Levels Yoga is a useful tool during pregnancy to alleviate back pain, tightness in the hips and any chest or shoulder discomfort. Pregnancy is a beautiful time of life, and this…

YOUTUBE bum & balance vinyasa flow

Yoga For Strengthening Your Booty & Finding Balance | 45 Minute Level 1/2 Vinyasa Class Yoga to strengthen your BOOTY and help you find balance. This 45-minute flow will power up your legs, and glutes as your travel into shapes…

YOUTUBE detox vinyasa flow

POST-HOLIDAY DETOX FLOW! Twist, Sweat & Breathe It Out – Level 2 Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Class We all love to indulge during the holidays – and this flow is perfect for sweating, detoxing and MOVING out any and all stale…

YOUTUBE yoga for your booty

YOGA FOR YOUR BOOTY | 30 minute flow targeting the Gluteus Medius | Yoga for your BOOTY, a.k.a. your Gluteus Medius. Suitable for ALL levels, this 30-minute flow will power up your legs, hips and glutes, strengthening and stretching these…

YOUTUBE guided yoga nidra

Enjoy 20 minutes of yoga nidra guided by Caroline. Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world…

YOUTUBE 10 minute moon salutation

Open your heart and move your body with this quick 10 minute yoga flow. Suitable for all levels.

YOUTUBE yoga in chair

Beginner Chair Yoga: Practice Yoga From Your Desk or At Home This yoga class is done 100 percent in your chair — so whether you are at work sitting at a desk, looking for some mid-day desk yoga, or at…

YOUTUBE guided meditations

Class Description:  Join Caroline for a 10 minute guided mediation that will relax and calm the body and the mind. Difficulty: Beginner Style: Guided Meditation Duration: 10 minutes   Class Description:  Join Caroline for a 15 minute guided mediation that will relax and calm…

YOUTUBE yoga for fertility

Yoga For Fertility, Part 1 | 15-Minute Meditation to Let Go of Stress and Anxiety | All Levels

What my clients say

Open heart - open body Open body - open heart. Caroline's style helped me feel the connection in a joyful way - the kind of teacher who lifts you up and makes you feel filled with energy.

"K Jones MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry NYU (New York University) School of Medicine"

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Thank you for your help once again Caroline. I have to say that is the most fun part of my day. You may not realise it but by just being you, you have changed my life for the better. You are special. Never forget that.

Namaste Carina

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