Private yoga classes at home, on the beach on in a private yoga studio…

Currently based in London

One to one teaching allows a personalised practice dedicated to your needs and your level. I want to create a yoga sequence focused on your goals, whether that is deepening your practice and taking it to the next level, moving to more dynamic asanas, working with past injuries or focusing on restorative yoga.

We can spend time discussing you and what you hope to experience physically and/or spiritually.

In private classes I like to discuss your dosha (body/mind constitution)

and discover the types of yoga practice which will suit your personality and mood in your everyday life and for that particular practice.

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What clients say about my private tuition



“Dear Caroline,

I just want you tell you in a few words how I felt during our private class. You were very understanding of my energy, giving me enough rhythm and movement to make me awake and not be frustrated in difficult postures as you made them feel so smooth!!!

You made me feel and trust that I can push my limits and stay grounded as well.

The class made me more centered and aware as you brought me to a beautiful state of mind where I could totally let go and relax at the end.

You have the softest smoothest energy your touch is exactly felt when needed.

This is how I felt during you class and after that I was speaking to everybody from a different place.”

Thank you,

Love Karla Gutierrez

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